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Artist’s Statement


Susan E. Fox


The world reveals itself to me in imagery — as I move into what I call Creative Space, connecting to an inner muse — colors emerge and then an innate expression of what I feel about the subject unfolds. Abstracted forms appear as I work freely in paint and mixed media holding an accelerated sense of wildness — this experience is transferred into the art. Often the symbols and images present themselves in layers like the mist slowing descending down the mountains to a valley below and multiple dimensions of insight emerge.

Starting with a concept of wholeness,  images turn up on the canvas ready to communicate the energy I perceive in my surroundings. My love of plants, animals, trees and landscape guide me to connect with the essence inherent in what I see and feel.

Susan E. Fox

Paintings / Artwork by: Susan E. Fox

Susan E. Fox photograph by: Bruce Luscombe

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Spiral Mandala artwork by: Kate Siekierski

Bringing together creativity with the love of nature and art.


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